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Tile floors are a popular floor option. They are durable and come in many colors, textures and patterns to accommodate many décor aesthetics. New tile floors look great, but over time the grout gets dirty and discolored. No matter how much you mop the floor, the grout just doesn’t get clean. As a do-it-yourself project, it is very difficult to completely remove the dirt from the grout yourself. Typical methods to remove grout include scrubbing the grout with a brush using a bottle of grout cleaner or a home remedy of baking soda and vinegar. These methods will improve the look of the grout but will not get it fully clean. Before you decide to replace your tile floor, consider having it cleaned by a professional White City, SK Tile and Grout Cleaning.


Grout is a porous substance which absorbs oils, grease and dirt. Mopping and home grout cleaning methods can remove only the dirt from the surface. The embedded dirt must be extracted. A professional tile and grout cleaning company uses strong, professional grade cleaning solvents with specialized equipment that applies heat, pressure and a powerful vacuum to extract the embedded dirt. The result is grout which looks clean and restored.


Once your White City, SK Tile and Grout Cleaning has been done, you have the option of getting it sealed. Applying a grout sealant is a good way to protect it from discoloration. Your grout will stay clean and good looking for a longer time between cleanings. If grout has not been cleaned properly over time, it may be impossible to get it clean. For older or improperly cared for grout, you may want to consider re-coloring. Re-coloring can restore old grout to look new. You even have the option to choose a different color and give it a whole new look.