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Upholstery Cleaning, Regina, SK


Upholstery Cleaning, Regina, SK

Upholstery Cleaning, Regina, SK


Cleaning fine fabric takes a little bit more care and knowledge to clean than carpet.  Many carpet cleaning companies do not even clean some types of furniture because they require special products and techniques to clean them properly.


CleanRite is certified in upholstery cleaning in Regina, SK and we also carry special products and tools to clean all types of upholstery.


What Make CleanRite’s Upholstery Cleaning Better?


  • Training - Did you know that over 95% of the professional cleaners in Regina have no formal training.  CleanRite is certified so we take courses which train us to identify different materials and also teaches us the best methods and products to use on those materials which means a safer and more through cleaning.
  • Hand Cleaning - CleanRite is the only company which hand cleans all upholstery before it is rinsed and extracted.  Most companies simply spray a pre conditioner on the fabric rather than hand scrubbing it in.  If furniture is not had cleaned first usually a dark line is left in areas where the tool does not fit such as on corners.  Hand scrubbing the fabric adds agitation which results in a better cleaning with less water which means the fabric will dry faster which is very important with fine fabrics.
  • Special Tools and Products - CleanRite has the latest tools and products which help the furniture dry faster, cleans better, and is safer than using one product for all jobs.



So if you are looking for Upholstery Cleaning, Regina and area give us a call at (306) 721-2045.  Or check out this video about Upholstery Cleaning.


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