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 You love your grandpa but when he asked to carry the meat platter from the kitchen to the dining room table you knew that it was going to be a little too heavy for him. You were right. He dropped platter with the roast beef, gravy and roasted carrots and baby potatoes on your dining room carpet.

 Luckily, after the initial shock, you thought to blot the large stain with clean white towels and moved the dinner party to the kitchen to keep your guests from walking on your wet carpet. It was also lucky that you had enough steaks in the freezer that you defrosted for Sunday dinner. Everyone had a good a time and all was forgiven.

 After your last guests went home, the huge and ugly stain was there and you had to do something about it in the morning. It is good that you had the sense to call our reputable and professional carpet cleaning Emerald Park, SK company that has the expertise and skills to handle every type of stain.

 We will use the latest and most effective carpet cleaning agents and methods to safely and effectively remove the stain and clean your carpeting. Our technicians have the skills and experience to safely clean your carpet and to make it look like new again.

 There are many carpet cleaning companies out there that make a lot of promises and do not or cannot deliver on those promises. We assure you that we are not one of those companies. We are a very reliable and professional carpet cleaning Emerald Park, SK company that you can trust to remove the stain and restore your carpeting and make it spotless.


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