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We will disinfect your kitchen with Tile and Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK

We will disinfect your kitchen with Tile and Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK


Grout is a porous material which absorbs mildew, dirt, mildew, mold, and lime scale over time. Grout is also a thickly colored material that aptly holds tiles together and fills in the gaps between them. However, when it becomes dirty, it can make your tiles look old, whether your tiles are part of your countertop or flooring system. Also, if grout is not cleaned or replaced, it can cause large repair bills for resurfacing your tiling surfaces.


Tile and grout surfaces are some of the toughest and challenging areas to properly clean. The dirty and stained grout lines are difficult to reach and normal mopping or scrubbing only serves to push dirt and grime around, leaving a harmful residue in its distinctive lines that will eventually cause the original tiling sealant to break down and to attract even more dirt. With our tile and grout cleaning technology, all of your grout surfaces will become disinfected, chemical free, and safe for the whole family and pets. We make sure that your tile surface is clean and well maintained with our top-of-the-line equipment and service. Our professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK technicians use a specially designed cleaning system that removes deeply embedded soil from the grout lines, which can not be cleaned or removed with a toothbrush.


Our environmentally friendly cleaning system to clean grout and tile involves heat, specially designed cleaning agents, a safe vacuum for tiles and a powerful rinse that will protect your tile. This type of cleaning technique work on all tile and grout surfaces, including kitchen flooring, bathroom flooring, shower walls, and countertops, as well as other types of tiled surfaces. We also provide a very effective sealant application so that the grout does not easily wear off nor will it attract any more dirt, thus lessening in-between cleaning times. Our professional tile and grout cleaning services is designed to restore, protect, and renew your tile surfaces back to their original beauty. Our excellent Tile and Grout Cleaning in Regina, SK techniques are available every day to keep your tile surfaces sanitized and “green” clean.