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Where to Purchase Carpet in Regina,SK

Where to Purchase Carpet in Regina,SK

Written By a CleanRite Carpet Cleaning


First lets talk about where you purchase your carpet.  Basically all carpet retailers carry the same carpets as there are really only 2 carpet manufactures in North America (Shaw and Mohawk).  They may carry higher or lower quality lines for these companies, but for the most part, are the same.  These two companies have been around for about 100 years.  There is a Canadian company that makes carpet, but it is a smaller company that does not have the experience the other two have.  The Canadian company makes good carpet, but the other 2 almost never have manufacturer defects, where the Canadian company does not have the same quality control, so defects are still very rare, but do happen.


I would choose a retailer based on the quality of service, installation quality, and how they stand behind their work.  Be careful some retailers pull you in with cheap prices on carpet but make up for it with other ad ons.  The box stores for example give low prices on carpet but charge a fortune for the under cushion, and installation of carpet on stairs and such (things most people do not think to ask a price for).  Where to purchase carpet then,  I prefer the flooring stores that come to your home, measure and give you a real price with everything included.  Local store usually have better installers, and service, therefore that is where I would recommend you purchase carpet from (less headaches and it will be cheaper in the long run).


So there you have it where to purchase carpet, Regina,SK.  If you want more information and a list of the retailers we recommend give us a call at (306) 721-2045.


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