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You Need Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK

You Need Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK


Most carpet experts recommend that a professional carpet cleaning treatment be completed at least once per year, but some carpets need to be cleaned more frequently due to extensive use. So how can you tell if it is time to call on the services of a Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK professional? Here are two simple warning signs that your carpets may need more than a simple routine vacuuming or spot stain removal application:


Much dirt has been tracked into the house by frequent foot traffic: Are your carpets walked on frequently throughout the day? If so, it is likely that a large amount of dirt is being tracked onto carpets, especially if shoes are not removed upon entry into the house. Dirt that get tracked into the house by foot traffic doesn't simply remain on the surface of the carpet. It gets deeply ground into carpet fibers as the carpet is repeatedly walked on. So if your carpet has received heavy foot traffic over the past few months; it is likely time for a professional Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK treatment even if you have been diligent about keeping it vacuumed. Only a professional treatment utilizes hot water extraction via powerful truck mounted cleaning equipment to effectively loosen and lift all dirt that has become deeply embedded in carpet fibers.


There have been numerous stain causing spills of fluids and food items on the carpet: Carpet stains are very unsightly, and simply cannot be removed completely by store purchased spot stain removers. Professional carpet cleaning uses powerful cleaning fluids to get rid of tough stains, even ones that are caused by difficult to remove stain causing agents such as wine, juice, coffee, oil- based salad dressings, blood, or pet urine. For the most thorough Carpet Cleaning in Regina, SK treatment possible; contact our professional team today!