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should I clean my carpet, Regina



Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Carpet


You may be wondering “should I clean my carpet, Regina”.  Home owners have many reasons to clean their carpet, but unfortunately do not realize the most important reasons to clean.  This is a list of reasons to clean starting with the most important.



  • Health - Health is the number one reason why you should clean your carpet.  Did you know that a room with clean carpet has 50% less indoor air pollutants?  I will say that again, 50%, that is huge.  Studies have shown that many illnesses are caused by or aggravated by indoor air pollutants.  In recent years, our homes have become more and more air tight, which also traps more pollutants in the home.  Today homes are 10 times more polluted than the outdoor environment.


  • Prolong the life of the Carpet - Carpet wear is caused by tiny, sharp, pieces of soil which when stepped on, cut away at the fibers.  Proper vacuuming will prevent most of the damage but some very small particles will get stuck in the carpet fiber and can only be removed with carpet cleaning.  When soil is left in the carpet too long, it can actually permanently change the color of the carpet.  Imagine if you left a white shirt on your floor for over a year then tried to clean it, it would look better but it will never look the same again.  This is why it is so important to clean your carpets at least once a year.


  • Odor - With kids and pets, all kinds of things can be spilled on the carpet.  There are many different products out there that claim they fix odors but all they do is kill the bacteria on the spot and within hours that bacteria will start to grow back, and then your odor will return.  The only way to remove the odor is to remove the source.  Please inform your cleaner of your odor concern so they can use the right products to properly remove it.


  • Appearance - This is the main reason why most clean their carpet.  Carpet cleaning will make your carpets look much better, but do not wait until the carpets look soiled.  When carpets are cleaned regularly, once a year or more, the results are much better. 


  • Event - Maybe you have family coming over or you are having friends, you want your house to look its best and carpet cleaning will really make your house shine.


  • Warrantee - You many not know this but if you do not have your carpets cleaned by an IICRC certified carpet cleaner every 6-24 months depending on the traffic and color of the carpet your carpet warrantee is void.


So if you are thinking “should I clean my carpet, Regina”  here are 6 different reasons to just get it cleaned already!  For more information give us a call at (306) 721-2045 today for fast service or check us out at